Customer Testimonials

Real People that are Really Happy!

Before we get to the testimonials, we would like to take moment to sincerely thank all of our customers that have taken the time to sit down and write about their experience with Scrubbing Bubbles.   We know that there are so many other fun things one can be doing other than sitting down and writing about their home exterior being cleaned!   So, THANK YOU all very, very much! 

"Always do right.  This will gratify some people 

and astonish the rest."

                                                                             Mark Twain

The testimonials you are about to read here are from REAL people that are REALLY happy!   I still find it quite amazing that something so simple as a clean home can make people so happy.   And hey, don't we ALL just want to be happy?  So, give us a call and perhaps we might be able to make you happy too!  

Or you could be like the restaurant manager who came outside to scrutinize our work as we were finishing up.   I just happened to see him standing near the building shaking his head in a "no" kind of motion.  Like any anyone who takes pride in their work, I just had to know what was wrong and immediately went over to see what was the matter.  He said, "Man, I should have called you guys a long time ago when I first heard about you!"

Don't be that guy!!   Get on the horn ASAP, because when we're booked, we're booked.  Sorry. Please understand that when we have customers that have been waiting for weeks or months in advance, there is simply no way that we move them somewhere else to make room for someone that just called.  Many of them have schedules and events they'd like to keep and we try our best to keep them on track just as we would do for you.

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"I have long bemoaned the lack of "consumer reports" for contractors - single referrals do not always work out, so it is nice to read several reviews." - Arpan R., Royal Oak, MI

"I can now choose contractors with confidence, even when the service in question is dauntingly unfamiliar." - Kathleen S., Chicago

"It's like I have thousands of friends and neighbors to talk to for information." - Mark A., Woodbury, MN


Well, that's enough about them!

How about we get back to OUR testimonials so you can see just how wonderful WE are so that you can make that call, get your free estimate and get locked in on the schedule!?  

I received a letter from my HOA about cleaning the driveway and surrounding sidewalk. I emailed Jim and told him about the urgency of the project. He called me the next morning and set up an appointment for an estimate that day. He explained the process and exactly what would be done. Because of the schedule, Jim was able to get his associate over to handle the job within an hour! He was very thorough, using what equates to be a giant scrubber, as well as the pressure washer to get rid of the dirt and stains. The driveway and sidewalks look brand new as a result. A job well done!

                                                                                                                    Helen D.

One of the best businesses that I have ever worked with. Jim is awesome. 
                                                                                                                           Deb P.
I cannot begin to tell you just how happy we are with your work.  Everything absolutely sparkles!  I knew we would be happy with your work because when you came to do the estimate you were so professional, unlike all the others that we've hired in the past.     Our home has never looked so clean.   Thank you so much!!  We'll be calling on you again soon!

                                                                                                               Elizabeth B. 

Excellent job.  Jim is extremely thorough and neat in his work.  After the job was done, he told me that his approach is that he does not want anyone to be able to say that they could have done a better job --- the quality of his work is reflected in his approach!  Excellent job.  Very satisfied with the results. Jim is a perfectionist and his work shows it.  I will definitely hire him again.
                                                                                                                     Carmen B.
Jim came and gave me an estimate of $450 with each area itemized separately so I could decide what I wanted clean.  If we went with the entire package, the price would be discounted to $395.  We chose the entire package and Jim and another employee arrived a little later than expected, but Jim called and explained the slight delay, which was totally fine with me.  They ended up spending an hour longer than expected but Jim explained that that sometimes happened and that they had two other jobs left to do.   They both moved the plants and furniture and did an excellent job of cleaning the algae covered screens and white enclosure beams.  We have many oaks covering he enclosure and they are very dirty but Jim has the pool deck sparkling!  They washed all the windows which look great as well.   I have never seen my home look so clean and will definitely use Jim again.  His prices are very reasonable and the quality of his work is undeniable; plus he is a very nice guy!
                                                                                                                                                                         Debra T.
STRONGLY RECOMMEND. EXCELLENT JOB START TO FINISH; HE EVEN CLEANED MY MAILBOX! JIM WAS ON TIME, VERY PROFESSIONAL AND DID THE WORK HIMSELF.                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                   Sonya B.

I am SO delighted to have found Jim. He did a great job and was one of the most pleasant and professional people I've ever hired. My husband came home and was very impressed,. He said that Scrubbing Bubbles had worked on our house as if it was their own; not doing just the minimum required but giving it that extra measure of care. I appreciated that Jim didn't think it was necessary for us to move a lot of stuff on the deck (we moved some, anyway), but while cleaning, he moved things himself just to be sure everything was really clean. We may be forever spoiled by Jim's service - no hassle or stress for us and sparkling results that make our home look like new. Amazing, quality service at an unbeatable price.
                                                                                                                                 Elaine Z.

Jim was very courteous on the phone during my initail contact and turned up and gave a professional quote.  There was a little mix-up over the start date, but after I called Jim again, he turned up the next day to carry out the work.  Everyhing is now pristine and Jim even moved some furniture in our garage so that he could pressure wash inside the garage entry area.  I was so pleased with the results that I asked Jim to quote on another job pressure washing and sealing our pool area. 


Debbie and Mitchell S.

Jim, the owner/operator, did an excellent job of cleaning what I contracted him for, plus he spot cleaned the house. I have much to thank Jim for. He went above and beyond the call of duty. While cleaning the cage, he noticed my pool was sucking water and making noises. He saw the water level had dropped considerably. First thing he did was clean out the filter basket thinking that was the cause. He then went to check the pump and found a broken pipe which was gushing water. Jim had the presence of mind to turn the pump off. That action alone saved me 100's of dollars in burnt out pump repairs (I was not home during any of this). Shortly after I arrived home, Jim came back to explain about the pool and to REPAIR THE PIPE! I could not believe he would do that. He bought the parts and proceeded to make the repairs with no additional cost to me. Jim renewed my faith in people. He not only did a great job for what he was hired to do, but went several steps beyond. THANK YOU, JIM.
                                                                                                              Mary Lou M.

Jim did an unbelievable job. The cage and deck haven't looked this good since they were new. Although both had been pressure washed previously, they have never come out as clean and bright as they are now. Jim really spent a lot of time and effort getting the great results he did. We're truly impressed with his work ethic and commitment to delivering a superior product.

                                                                                                                             Steve M.

Jim responded promptly and in writing to the email address I gave him. Quickly gave an estimate and scheduled the job when I wanted it. Employee of the company performed the work.  Very thorough. No pressure sale...will add to my regularly scheduled home maintenance.

Maria M.

                                                                                                                         Roberta R.

Finally!  It's over!  

I know.  I know.  It's JUST cleaning!  (And this is only a fraction of the letters we get.)  I don't know what all the "hoo-ha" is about either, but as an extra measure of precaution to help you keep more money in your pocket, we highly recommend that you DO NOT LOOK OUTSIDE or WATCH US while we are working.  Otherwise, like many of our customers, you may find yourself overtaken by an uncontollable urge to compensate us even further once you realize that you are getting much more than you had bargained for.  Just kidding.  In fact, I prefer that you see how hard we work to clean your home because I know for a fact that no one can even come close to our results.    

As a disclaimer, I should state that our results are really limited to the condition of the surface that we are cleaning.  If a surface hasn't been cleaned in a few years, one cleaning may not be enough and surfaces can only be cleaned so deep during each visit.  Sometimes, it may take more than one cleaning to remove the deepest stains such as oil stains on a driveway as they need time to be expelled hydrostatically back to the surface where they can be removed further during the next visit.   Another example is that if you really do need paint, then all the cleaning in the world won't magically revive old paint color or cover up the worn away areas where concrete or wood is showing through.  To minimize the damage caused by natural aging and weathering we highly recommend you get on a regular cleaning schedule.   The longer you neglect it, the more time and money it will require to return it to satisfactory condition.  So, give us a call and that will be one less chore you have to worry about!