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Welcome to our Gallery
Thank you for taking the time to visit our gallery of "before and after" pictures.   Let me apologize in advance for my diatribe as it may prove to be a bit unbearable at times. Fortunately, our expertise lies in home exterior cleaning (not copywriting) and with a little bit of luck and lot of elbow grease, we may be able to expose the true beauty of your home in all it's glory for all to see and enjoy.   So sit back and enjoy some of the pics and if you have a question, please don't hesitate to call or email me.
Also, if you've been here before then you've probably noticed that I've had to recreate my "Photo Gallery" page because I recently found OTHER pressure cleaning companies stealing my pictures and using them on their websites!!   So, out went the "Cease and Desist" letters.   I suppose it will always be easier to copy and paste quality workmanship than to do the actual work itself.   But it is most likely that they are simply unable to produce the same results that we do.   So our pictures must now be "watermarked".      
And away we go!
Many jobs we get are turned down by other contract cleaners either due to their size or the difficulty of the job.   Below is a three story cage that was turned down by three other contractors until one of them recommended us.

At two and a half stories tall, this cage proved to be especially challenging.   In the picture below, you can see how we had to clean the top of the cage by standing on 2" x 10' planks.   The barbed needles that cypress trees are famous for were not easy to remove.   Even with two people, this was a four hour job in itself.  The rest of the cage took another four hours to remove the mold and pollen from the screens and to clean the mold off the frame, inside and out.

Perhaps you have a pool cage that could use some special attention.    Well, look no further.   Pool cages and decks are our specialty.   Cleaning a screen enclosure or pool cage without damaging the screen can be difficult, time consuming and downright dangerous.    Let Scrubbing Bubbles take care of this while you are at work or shopping at the mall.   This particular cage only cost $100 to clean, inside and out.  The deck was an additional $50 after their discount to have it returned to a "like new condition".    They didn't even have to move any furniture or plants.  It doesn't get any easier than this folks.   One call is all it takes.

Why risk injury to yourself or damage to your property when professional results are only a phone call away.  The health implications of repeated exposure to mold can bring about a plethora of symptoms  ranging from memory loss, to rashes, to sexual dysfunction and even lifelong debilitating respiratory illnesses.  Need I go on?  If you are susceptible to yeast, then you are susceptible to mold.    There is just no reason to let your home continue to look like this - enjoy it!  Don't risk your family's health over a few dollars - it's simply not worth it.

And let's not forget about pool decks.  We can bring them back to life too so that you can start enjoying your pool deck again without worrying about a slip and fall accident or inhaling mold spores.  One thing that bothers me more than anything is seeing other contractors either leaving this dirt and debris in the corners of your screen frames or worse, they will push out the screens in the corners because they are either too lazy or don't know how to push all the mold and dirt out the doors the way it's supposed to be done.


Another area of concern for many homeowners are their soffits and faceboards.   I am proud to tell you that we clean them with LOW PRESSURE!  Some people think their only choice is to have them repainted.  9 times out of 10, they can be cleaned and returned to a "like new" condition.  Many times when soffits are painted, the tiny holes that allow hot air and moisture to escape from your attic are painted over and sealed.   I've seen freshly painted homes with over 50% of the holes in their soffits sealed up with paint.   I would surmise that that a 50% reduction in air circulation would trap more heat and moisture in your attic, which directly affects your living areas below causing your cooling system work even harder than necessary.  And why would you want that?


Have a two story home?  Often times, I get customers that were turned down by other cleaning contractors simply because they couldn't reach the soffits of a two story home.  When it comes to cleaning soffits, faceboards and gutters, no one in their right mind wants to work two stories off the ground on a ladder!  And I can tell you for a fact that we MUCH cheaper than a painter!  Often, about only 1/10th of what a painter would charge.

Don't these look so much better?  No more moldy smell or need to be embarrassed and no stress in the back of your head reminding you that someday you have to find a way to clean those soffits and faceboards.   We cleaned these soffits and faceboards without using a ladder or even stepping one foot on the lower roofs.   Everything is cleaned from the ground, including the windows.


Pretty drastic changes, wouldn't you say?  And what about your landscaping stones or that wooden deck?   We can make those areas look like new too!    Clean your home WITHOUT cleaning out your pocketbook! 


TA-DAAA!  Need I say more?


Now this deck is ready to be sealed!  Ask us about sealing YOUR wooden deck!  *Now, I want you to look at the mold left on the wall that just wouldn't come off.  Well, THAT is what happens when mold and mildew is left on a painted surface too long.   Only at a customer's request would we "paint-prep" that lower wall so that this customer could repaint it.   So, don't wait any longer!  Give us a call today and get on the schedule and we'll be happy to make your home look it's absolute best to make YOU happy!